Rise of the Runelords

Religion and Evil

Dak Traaver’s Journal
Lamashan 26, 4707 AR

It’s been a very exhausting time here in Sandpoint – it seems like perpetual chaos since I returned from Magnimar. Between the pressures from Hemlock to solve these crimes, the strange attacks, and now the revelations from Nualia’s journal, it all makes me wish for simpler times when we were innocent and, yes, even when Nualia was pregnant by a man not worth a minute of her time. At least I knew who to trust. There were marks to be robbed and people to be coerced. There were those you could trust not to kill you for your spoils, and those you just knew to simply avoid because they would kill you just so there would be more for them. And now we learn of some sort of abomination of a child birthed from Nualia’s womb. I don’t understand and I don’t care to know any of these followers of Desna, unless they can serve my purposes. I don’t trust the faithful because they all seem to get twisted and turn into monsters. Even the ones that manage to keep their sanity, seem to worship themselves before their so-called gods. They can keep their faith, I’ll keep my swords.

Perhaps the most disturbing is the abuse Nualia suffered and life she led. Father Zantus found Nualia’s journal and handed it over Devron. It revealed a tortuous life for her here in Sandpoint. A life of constant bullying, ostracizing, and cruelty. Reading her words again, I could almost hear her speak them, but I have no sympathy for her – not anymore. She chose her path and she allowed her mind and soul to be twisted by evil forces. Sure she had a bastard of a father in Tobyn, and was treated like a whore by Delek, but nothing justifies the warped person she has become. She had choices like we all do. Devron chooses to pray away the evil, Curufinwe chooses to look down from his perch at the ‘lesser’ races, and the brutes that come and go simply want to swing first and ask questions later. Me, I just want to finish this, get away from all this evil and get back to doing what I do best . If that means confronting and ending Nualia, then so be it. She’s hardly human now and barely was human when I knew her. Perhaps this rest will help put things in better perspective, but I don’t see a way out that doesn’t involve bloodshed.


Fuck yes! Even though you make me sound like a elven prick…. AWESOME ENTRY! I for one have been anxiously awaiting this and it came in perfect timing, right before Pathfinder in a few hours….


You get to hit the power pen all night tonight! w00t w00t

Religion and Evil

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